The Moments You Give Me – Poem of the Week

I have moments of inspiration

I have moments of expiration

I have too many expectations

There is no communication

Where is my concentration?

I’m losing my foundation

I live in suffocation

It’s all been an animation

It’s all just a hallucination

There’s too much disputation

There’s too much hesitation

Please don’t keep me in isolation

“No, I don’t need that medication!”

That shouldn’t be my obligation

I have no motivation

I have no navigation

Drag me out of this depression

I don’t need more rejection

But I’m falling into realization

That I’m stuck in disinclination

Love begins its evacuation

Society begins its evaluation

“This is all an exaggeration”

“No. I have no stabilization”

You can’t continue my criminalization

My declassification

My dehumanization

Just. Stop. Hurting. Me.

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