The Moments You Give Me

I have moments of inspiration

I have moments of expiration

“You have too many expectations.”

There is no communication

“Where is my concentration?”

I’m losing my foundation

I’m living in suffocation

It’s all been an animation

“Everything is a hallucination.”

There’s too much desperation

There’s too much hesitation

Please don’t keep me in isolation

“No, I don’t need that medication!”

That shouldn’t be my obligation

I don’t need to find motivation

I’m exhausted from this fixation

“Drag me out of this depression”

I don’t need more rejection

“But maybe one more injection?”

I’m falling into realization

That I’m stuck in disinclination

Love begins its evacuation

Society begins its evaluation

“This is all an exaggeration”

You have no more stabilization

You can’t continue my criminalization

Stop with my declassification

Away with my dehumanization

“Just stop my damnation.”

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