Poetry Pens – Poem of the Week

She was born

A few countries away from Rome,

Far from the Mile high state

She now calls her home.

With a young married couple

Traveling hours on a plane

She was adopted in the year 2000

And given a different name.

Coming to her new house

She had a love for climbing trees.

She enjoyed life’s little moments,

They came as they pleased.


With a loud family of six,

There was always time for fun-

Skiing, hiking, and camping-

With occasional burns from the sun.

She had two brothers, one sister,

But no pets to be found.

Her siblings loved to wrestle,

They would tackle her to the ground

Who doesn’t love a little family bonding?

They meant the world to her.

They meant the world to her,

Until something stopped corresponding.


More time passed

And her siblings moved out.

She would go to school

With so much self doubt.

It was a time of struggle

But ended totally

When she discovered her talent

To naturally write poetry.


She began to think

Until her thoughts would rhyme

And that’s how it was created:

The words for every line.

The smallest things

Or the tune of an old song

Led her to grip the pencil

To write a poem that was too long.

But that’s the beauty that she later discovered:

This random talent got her through,

And even helped her recover.


She hasn’t stopped writing

She’s a poet undercover.

No one knew she could rhyme like this,

Not even her own mother!

Oh, wait… oops, I told a lie,

Some of that’s not true

Because her best friend read her poetry.

She was the only one who knew.

Well, now I must be a liar

I’ve committed a sin

But I can’t blow her cover!

People might turn her in.


Now you know

That poetry is my passion

It has been for nearly

Six years in action.

My life has been mellow

And I love all my friends,

I even love my crazy family

I love everything when I have my poetry pens.

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