Cease To Exist – Poem of the Week

Everything around you is all too familiar. There are butterflies in your stomach because you know something isn’t right.. not a car on the highway. Not a person in the hallways. Not even a light to be flickering to life. You stand in the open room, looking out on the view.  Your eyes grow heavy and your mind draws a blank. Shivers run down your spine to your back until they shock you into paralysis. First, you’re in denial.  Your clogged mind is hazy but you manage to spare one thought of confusion.  Repeating the word over and over again until it sounds like a record on a loop – how. Second, realization digs in like a blade to your brain. Everything that happened in the past has no meaning.  You live in fear knowing the future will have no more meaning from that point on. Third, you stand and wait, waiting to hear anything besides the sound of your own hushed breath and your thoughts which sound all too static now.  Fourth, you hope with the smallest sanity you have left that someone will save you now from the quietest nightmare to ever exist, only listening to the shrieking thoughts of your head, the only company you’ll ever have.

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