High. – Poem of the Week

Here I sit and here I stay.

As clear as day my hearing goes away.

The world is bending in half while elevating.

Aggravating, I can’t see straight.

I hate that I can’t think correctly.

My mind is painted with beautiful colors yet all I see is the floor.

I can’t describe this feeling.

It’s terrifying, it’s exciting, it’s different.

How can the brain betray the whole body to believe it’s floating?

How can my eyes deceive the very world I used to know?

How can my mind be so alive yet so dead at the same time?

It scares me.

It confuses me.

It makes me curious.

I might as well be a cat who died from experimentation.

But I’m young.

And so are you.

We are the deadly generation so why not try it again?

“Live like we’re dying” right?

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