Poem of the Week by Elise Bauman

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I felt overwhelmed by the #inauguration today so I tried to put some of my feelings into words and wrote my first spoken word poem. Text below. . . . . "Today feels like the clock was set back on evolution, and part of me wants to step back with it; shut my eyes to the effort of change. It’s easier to turn a blind eye than turn and face the strange. But if we want a revolution, we can’t become what we oppose, throw the same stone that broke our hearts and bones, cause there’s love in anger but there’s no love in hate. So if you feel the weight of the world, don’t lose your sense of outrage, but don’t let hatred win. And as reality sinks in, use your indignation, to fuel the nation to be united by states of consciousness, not a state of decay. Cause what does it say about us that we consume readily, inhale and digest the very thing we claim we want to stay away from. Like a moth to a flame. The nature of blame means I let go of responsibility; If my hands not on the wheel I have no culpability. So if I want to be the change I wish to see in the world, I have to see myself more clearly, wipe the entitlement from my rose-coloured glasses. A glass ceiling won’t shatter if my vibrations are silent."

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Obviously, these were not my words and they were spoken a long while ago. Even though they are intended for her thoughts and feelings toward Inauguration day, Elise’s words are still relevant today in our daily lives. We truly are a nation of hypocrisy and we will never be able to move past our differences if we can’t see eye to eye. Luckily, we have taken a couple steps forward since the delivery of this poem but we still have kinks to work out. Maybe we as a society aren’t as broken as we used to be, but every day is always a new opportunity to better ourselves. Maybe you don’t even care about this poem or don’t find it relevant anymore, but its meaning goes beyond the political spectrum. I find this poem to be beautifully written (especially for a first-timer) and I slightly envy Elise for her passionate and flawless delivery. I was glad I could share this with you even though it’s far past its original publication. Hopefully, I could put this idea in the light again and make you think a little. Or maybe I just posted a beautifully spoken poem for you to enjoy. Either way, there you go! Now enjoy the rest of your day.

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