Lyrics Unwritten

our love song is a gentle one played on the ukulele. it’s slightly off key from my shaky, weak fingers. the words are shrill and broken due to my tired heart that alters every slow beat in my hollow chest. i don’t think that falling in love will happen to us. in fact, i believe it is never supposed to happen. our song reminds me of the night sky where the stars gently twinkle in a vast ocean of darkness. that same twinkle is familiar as ive seen it in your crystal blue eyes before. can i have a second of your time? can we just sit in silence, making eye contact with each other from across the room? why instead do you come near me to decide when “now or never” will be? you know that i can’t grab your hand when it’s two inches away. i can only reach for my ukulele that lies two feet away. you pull my hand away from the strings before hearing the lyrics. i write them on a piece of paper but you crumble it without taking a second look, forcing me to change the chords. sometimes, i wish i could rewrite the lyrics so that you would fall in love with the song. but to this day, i continue to play my ukulele quietly on the street corners. i hear the tune echo against the brick walls that travels back into my own ears. maybe someone else will hear the broken tune and add onto the melody.

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